Sword Fencing

Have you ever been so absorbed in something that you lose all sense of time? To me this is the best way to forget about your problems, relieve stress and live in the moment. Well, there’s not much that’s more absorbing than trying to stop someone running you through with a yard of steel. Fencing is a brilliant stress reliever that engages you mentally as much as physically

Mentally fencing is very similar to a game of chess. As a fencer you’re constantly trying to outwit your opponent. Your brain works hard and fast, trying to answer the questions —

  • Do you attack first or defend and wait for an opportunity to hit back?
  • How do you attack and where?
  • How do you control your panic as they try to hit you and how do you stop them?
  • How do you get them to attack so that you can hit them with your favourite counter attack?

But at the same time you’re trying desperately to score a hit and (usually), even more desperately, to avoid your opponent’s blade.The permutations are unlimited and it’s intensely one on one. It’s this element of mental skill which allows anyone, of any age and physical ability, to compete.

Physically, fencing can be as demanding as you want it to be. I started fencing in my early twenties and my coach is still fencing in his eighties. I’ve watched six-foot tall fencers being beaten by four-foot tall opponents and twelve year olds beating thirty year olds. Wheelchair fencing is a Paralympic Sport and fencing is open to anyone. You can adapt your technique to suit your physique, speed it up or slow it down and play aggressively or passively. And of course, those lunges are great exercise if you want to tighten your tush!

Fair play and a sense of tradition are an integral part of the sport. It’s very gentlemanly. Fencers always salute before trying to stab each other, and always shake hands after the victory or ignominious defeat!

Play Badminton Correctly


You must first decide on what scoring method you will apply in the game. Then you get a coin and toss it in the air to know who will serve first. If you are the server you must position yourself in the right side of the court and will hit the shuttle cock to the left side of your opponent’s court. You must position the shuttle below your hip during the serve.

You just hit the shuttle towards the opposite side and you do it repeatedly until it drops to the ground. You will gain one point if the shuttle cock dropped on your opponent’s court side. You will win the game if you get 21 points. Court switching is mandatory and you will have to win two games to be declared the winner.


You will earn one point each time your opponent dropped the shuttle cock after you hit it. Whoever gets 21 points first will win that specific set. You need to win 2 out of the 3 games so that you will be declared as the winner.


In order for you to win the game you must do some techniques. You can hit the shuttlecock towards the corner of the court for your opponent to have difficulty recovering it. When your opponent hits the shuttle cock, hit the shuttle cock back on his opposite direction and make it forceful and fast. Another thing is you should not make predictable moves.

Badminton is a fun activity and can also keep you fit and healthy. You will need enough time to be an expert in this sport. You will have to practice rigidly to master the sport. Always be patient and be determined. You must not forget to enjoy the game and keep positive thoughts in your mind.

Boxing Memorabilia

Where to Look

Buying boxing memorabilia doesn’t just require that you have a good knowledge of the sport. You also need to know the right places to look for it. Whilst the internet has made collecting much easier, it isn’t always the best place to buy memorabilia. For one thing you never know for sure that what you’re getting is what it’s advertised as.

For this reason it is a very good idea to go to auction houses when you’re looking to buy memorabilia. There are many sales houses in the UK where you can pick up some real gems. For example Bonham’s in London is an excellent place to find boxing memorabilia. There are sales taking place all over the UK though so you should look for such events in your local area and attend as many as you can.

Adding Value to Your Collection

The best way to add value to your collection is by knowing which boxers are the most collectible. Generally it will be easier to find boxing memorabilia for current boxers. Some of the most collectable of these are Ricky Hatton, Amir Khan, David Haye, Joe Calzaghe, Floyd Mayweather, Manny Pacquiao. For boxers from other eras, some of the best to collect for are Sugar Ray Leonard, Marvin Hagler, Tommy Hearns, Muhammad Ali, George Foreman, Roberto Duran, Mike Tyson, Lennox Lewis. If you’re able to get your memorabilia from any of these boxers signed by them then it will add a great deal of value to your collection.