About Brick Training for a Triathlon

Brick training is nothing much, it’s basically a concept wherein you train one sport just after the other – much like what happens in the actual triathlon event. You should either swim after the run or go biking after your swim. The order doesn’t matter as long as you’re training your body to switch over from one sport to the other.

However, as far as possible try to follow the same order as the event you wish to partake in. This would surely give you an upper hand over the other participants.

The many benefits of brick training

When it comes to brick training, there are plenty of benefits. Let’s just take a look at a few of them to give you a rough idea:

Your body is ready

When you practice using brick training your body would be willing to switch over from one event to the next without any break or weak spree. This would surely help you as you don’t waste even a second in the actual race.

Psychologically motivated

If you do happen to practice using the brick training method, your mind would know that your body is capable of completing the task at hand and hence you would also have a psychological advantage.

The transitions would be better

As already mentioned when switching over form one event to another, our bodies are usually slow to react and they wouldn’t be able to get right on it. If you were running, you would start really slow.

However, this kind of training trains your body superbly and hence switching over isn’t a problem at all.

You’d be able to judge better

When you practice using this method often you would be able to determine exactly how much stamina an event needs and therefore you would be able to conserve energy in a particular event to use on another.