About Hunting in the Winter

Hunting with a crossbow requires experience and technique just like any other hunting tools. Yet unlike other tools, it is best used when the hunter is near its prey. This is because the release of the bolts from this weapon could alarm its prey. This enables the target to move away even before the bolts hit it. Also, technically, the bolts will start to descend from its flight rapidly beyond 20 yards. This poses a major challenge since game species are easily spooked by footsteps, alarm from other animals, and especially abrupt and loud noises. This therefore requires the hunter to have extraordinary woodsmanship and can also stand a long hour practice. Success in hunting with this weapon is slim if the hunter is inexperienced in stealth and moving with the forest.

This weapon is also referred to as the lazy man’s weapon by many experienced hunters and weapon engineers. This is because it is very easy to use and convenient even for beginners. Although its predecessor is the primitive bows, this weapon requires less training and physical conditioning. This is exceptional, especially in winter, because of extreme cold which could hamper the optimal performance of a hunter’s body. Another aspect that is worth noticing for is the fact that it has a knockdown power as strong as conventional firearms. This ability gives game hunters a shooting convenience; they give less effort to catch a prey as compared to the effort of vertical bow hunters. As observed, these hunters have fought hard for their catch during winter season, while some hunters have devised various ways to make hunting easier for them.