About Mental Toughness For Tennis

It starts with faith and belief, (He can, who thinks he can!) just as (who he can’t who thinks he can’t) that’s simple isn’t it?

But few player really get this mindset and as a result, their game suffers for it, so start talking to yourself positive all day 24/7, to build up your self-image which will help you become more mentally tough.

The reason you are losing now or your game is breaking down, is because of your lack of faith and confidence in your game, the great thing is you can turn that around in 21 days, if you are determined to make it happen.

See, we are all so fragile mentally that we can’t take it for granted at all, control your thought and you control your results.

Now let’s come up with a game plan for YOU, first take the 21 mental day test, for the next 21 days don’t think or say anything about your game that you don’t wish to be true, if you do you have to start all over again.

Don’t worry, the first few times, you will not be able to do it, but don’t stop until you pass this test okay!

Also get everybody in your family on the same page, maybe all you guys can do it together, to help them become more positive too.

Then get rid of all the people who strain your energy in life now, take a full inventory of the people in your life today and ask yourself, does this person empower me or weaken me?

Also, start reading books on successful people and take note on what makes them mentally tough and copy their actions, you could also reach out to someone you admire and ask for help, tell them what you are doing and they will help you, if they know you are serious about it.

As for as practice goes, start to fight for every point like it’s do or die and don’t tolerate any weakness in yourself. We all have powers that are locked up inside of us, but we have to push ourselves to do more, so we can tap into this hidden powers and release them.

This is what mental toughness is all about, it’s tapping into the greatness that is inside of you and letting it shine!

Unfortunately, most people die with their music still inside of them, promise yourself today that you won’t let that happen. First you must commit or you will always quit.

Now that you have passed the test and gotten all the negative people out of your life, try to put it all together, get a vision of the type of player that you want to become, this vision has to be clear, while you are doing this go to a quiet place where you can be alone and meditate on this for a while.

After you have the vision, act like you are already that player, walk, talk and play just like you think that player would play.

Let me tell you the power of this method, after a month you will actually become that player!

Get it?

Read that again and let it sink into your mind some more, because that’s what this article is all about.

And that’s what mental toughness is all about, see we are all actors on this great stage call life, act like a loser and you will lose most of your matches, act like a winner and you will win more and often my friend.

All it takes is doing it over and over until you become it the player.

Let me congratulate you before you start on this journey, because the future is going to be amazing, when you become mentally tough and able to separate yourself from the average players out there, that never buy into this whole process, because they want someone to rely on instead, no, success is a INSIDE JOB!