Basic Elements Of Profitcapping

Each one of those is crammed with details that’s needed as part of the game. Those who have been in the game for some time intuitively see that the game is in two main parts. So what happens when this is taken seriously and all the money matters are put to one side and all the picking and selecting horses aspects are put to the other side? What you get is much clearer picture.

One of the main rules of profiting is: track takeout, track breakage and track taxes are irrelevant. What matters is can profit be made from the payouts and how can a player get to that profit? There are many things that have to be learned and one of those is to see racing from a business view-point. There’s nothing complex about this because money is part of mathematics made simple or basic arithmetic. So to make money learn the details of whats needed in profitcapping by learning the basic elements of profitcapping.

Millions of dollars flows through the racing system per week and the best way is to know how much so you can get a sizeable percent of it. It’s possible when done right to get an average of 50 cent profit per dollar. To many players that’s not much but compare it to what they’re getting now which is nothing to near nothing. This is partially some of the basic elements of profitcapping.