Beginning Triathlete

Initially you ought to decide if a triathlon is right for you. You really need some standard level of fitness since you will be required to swim, bike, and run. If you don’t believe that you are competent in all of the three aspects, you can begin by simply concentrating on the area you require progress on before starting.

You must also enjoy all three sports. If you love running however don’t like swimming, a triathlon potentially isn’t for you. If you begin swim training and never enjoy it, a triathlon will end up a laborious task rather than an enjoyment.

Select an Event Acceptable for a Beginning Triathlete

Make sure you figure out what your first event is going to be. As a beginning triathlete it will help your training and commitment if you have a target to work toward. Picking out an event to compete in will set a lot of things in motion for you personally.

Pick a Training Program That Will Ensure Success for a Beginning Triathlete

Once you’ve decided to be a beginning triathlete you’ll want to map out a training program. Assuming you are going to start with some form of a sprint triathlon you can base your training to build up to those mileages.

Be sure you start out slow and progress your way to longer distances. Since many people have trouble with swimming the most you’ll more than likely swim two days a week, bike two days a week, and run one day a week.

You ought to begin training right now although when you have an event selected, plan your training by working your way backwards from the event to around 16 weeks before.

After about the Third or perhaps Fourth week of training you’ll want to begin using your weekend training session, whether it’s Saturday or Sunday, to start combining two sports. You might want to swim, and then immediately go out for a bike ride. You may also go for a bike ride then hop off and go for a run. About a month ahead of your race you will want to take a trial run and do all three in a training session.