Boxing Coaches Push

First, great boxing coaches drill you until your boxing skills are second nature. What types of training routines can you expect your trainer to implement? While this is different for every coach, most will major on the basics. That means speed bag workouts, jump rope to increase the quickness of your feet and off hand training. Many boxing coaches will tie your dominant hand behind your back, and force you to spar with just your weaker one. This is an excellent method for increasing the strength and coordination of your weaker side, and will really pay off when you are in a fight. Your opponent won’t expect you to lead attacks with that hand, and it can be a surprise tactic which is very effective.

Often you will be barred from the ring for the first month, while they assess your strengths and weaknesses in a training environment. Be prepared for criticism, as great boxing coaches are there to find problems and correct them. Though it can be difficult to hear what you’re doing wrong, this will give you a chance to correct your mistakes before they hurt you during a match. So, be patient and ready to relearn some skills to correct bad habits you may have accrued. After all, if your trainer can see nothing to improve upon, why do you need them?

When searching for great boxing coaches, what should you look for? First, any good trainer will be certified by a nationally recognized organization, and also carry insurance for accidents and the like. Also, they will have a good reputation in the boxing community, as others in the gym will recognize their skill. If you are looking for a trainer to work with, the best approach is to ask around at the local gym when you are there training. You will usually be able to find one or two names of solid coaches to look into. In the best case scenario, they will have many years of experience and may have boxed themselves in years past. Also, an easy rapport is an excellent bonus, though sometimes a coach who grates on you will actually produce the greatest results.