Create An Impenetrable Defense

How does one go about creating and impenetrable defense? There basically are three major key points, those are: moving the head, blocking any punches thrown, and fancy footwork. By fancy footwork, this means defensive footwork, footwork goes along with the importance of maintaining a proper stance throughout the entirety of the match.

Some people may find it difficult to pick one technique and go with it. It may not immediately work to one’s advantage but it is so easy to get wrapped up in trying to impress every one with numerous techniques and in turn having the adverse effect. A brief explanation of the three points is below.

Moving your head back and forth has literally got to be the simplest way to protect yourself in a match. It does not matter how great of a striker the opponent is, if you move your head, they are bound to miss contact with the punch they threw. The head should certainly not stay in the same spot long enough to become an easy target for the opponent. One important tip to remember, is no matter how tired you may become throughout the match, keep your head moving until the fight is over. This will definitely save you in the long run.

Deflecting punches or catching them is a great way to block during a boxing match. Keeping your hands up and watching where the opponent is throwing their punches throughout the match will help also. Watching your opponent and being there where he tries to make contact will throw a monkey wrench in their game plan but also give you the upper hand and allow you to set up for a great counter attack.

Just like your head, you want to move your feet as well. Dance around the ring do not just stay in one spot. It is important to maintain a proper stance during this time but with some minor adjustments in your stance and footwork, this can make the opponent miss their punches very easily also. They are not thinking that you are going to move, but make them punch the air!