Epic Golf Membership

Course Quality

When comparing private golf greens to public courses, there is typically a stark difference when it comes to quality. Unlike public courses, which typically experience a large amount of traffic and semi-annual maintenance, private institutions are trafficked only by members and are maintained regularly by the club’s staff.

Efficient Games

Country clubs and other members-only facilities typically keep their membership numbers at reasonable levels, making both scheduling and playing rounds much faster and easier. Unlike public locations, which are often crowded and can take four to six hours to play through, private institutions give their members a fast and private playing experience, with most games ending in well under four hours. This is a welcome benefit for those with demanding lifestyles and only a few hours to spare.

A Community of Players

Joining a golf club means joining a community of regular players that care about the game. This not only means meeting a wide range of playing partners, but it also means meeting many lifetime friends. Members-only institutions provide a welcome getaway from the daily grind, and many offer benefits for the whole family. That means that everyone can enjoy the fun and relaxation that comes with a membership, as well as the new friends.

Extra Amenities

Getting a private membership oftentimes means access to a larger institution, such as a country club. As aforementioned, this can signify extra amenities, including workout facilities, tennis courts, a pool, lessons, and affordable meals.

An Improved Game

Joining a club often gives casual players incentive to play more, which leads to an improved game overall. Plus, many golf clubs offer discounted lessons for their members. Work on that drive, perfect that putt, and consider getting better at the lifetime game by joining a private club today!