Essential Archery

Every good archer will tell you that you should start out slowly. The first thing you should learn when you’re starting out is how to execute proper form. The easiest way to develop a good form is by starting out slowly and making a note of every motion that your body makes. After you’ve fully mastered your form it will become part of your muscle memory, and you won’t have to think much about it at all. Trust me; you’ll feel much more comfortable shooting when you’re practicing proper form.

A lot of newcomers want to get out and buy bows with a heavy draw weight, but this can prove to be troublesome. No matter how strong you are, you should be starting off with a bow that has a relatively low draw weight until you have fully developed proper form. Starting with a higher draw weight will make your form and ultimately your accuracy suffer. It’s a good idea to try different types of bows as well. They range from all types and styles, so there’s plenty to choose from, which moves us along to my next point.

You should always make sure that you’re using the proper equipment for you. If you’re using mismatched equipment it can severely affect your aim and accuracy, which can make learning very frustrating. You need to start out with the right bow and arrows. You can use various sizing charts online to find the ideal bow height for you. Easton also makes an arrow chart that will allow you to find the best arrows for your draw length and your type of bow. Using arrows that are too long will cause your shots to be very inaccurate and using arrows that are too short will not allow you to draw to your individual draw length. You only have to get everything measured once, so after the initial gathering of information, buying new archery equipment will be a breeze.