How To Bowl A Strike

  1. The first step is going to deal with your approach. As you approach the line to release the ball, you have to make sure that you put forward enough momentum in your legs and arm. You’ll find that your body shifts weight proportionately through your arms and legs simultaneously giving the ball kinetic energy to go down the lane once you release it from your hands and grip. This motion needs to be swift, and well timed. If done properly, you can command the ball to go down the middle, hitting the first pin with such a great violence that it will hit all other pins and garner you a strike. If you’re not fully aware of your approach, practice at home, and lift weights so that you’re prepared when faced with a real life opportunity to score.
  2. The second step is in regards to releasing the ball. There are several rules of thumb when considering this option, but most professionals will agree that you need to add a bit of spin to the ball to maximize your ratio and percentage of knocking down all pins. In order to add spin to your ball, it’s imperative that you curve your release slightly so that the ball’s momentum carries through your fingers and into the balls range of motion. This will take some practice, but once you have figured out how to twist your wrist and arm at the right moment, you’ll be able to curve the ball to make the energy transfer properly at the end of the lane, giving you a strike each time.
  3. The third step is brute force. If you can’t really finesse your way to getting a 300, simply use all your strength. If you can garner your strength to send the ball and hit the king pin upfront with such a force that it will rattle the lanes, you will get a strike each time. This force has to be extreme in nature, and you have to make sure that the ball does not curve; it has to go straight through and as hard as you can possibly muster. Most people can’t seem to get the same momentum with each throw, but if you can harness your strength and keep a straight path in your release, you will in fact hit 300 at the end of the 10 frames.