How to Box at Home

Boxing is about control, about repetition, practice and practice and practice, the same movements over and over again, conditioning that muscle memory so that when you want to let go of a flurry of punches you do so with grace and style moving form offensive to defensive and offensive.

It is an art form, and one of the many reasons why its called the Noble Art.

Here is my three-point plan:

Buy the right equipment

  • Heavy Bag
  • Skipping Rope
  • Hand wraps
  • 16 oz gloves
  • Download free ring timer

The Workout

  • Two 3 Minute rounds of dynamic stretching
  • Two 3 Minute rounds of skipping
  • Two 3 minute rounds of shadow boxing
  • Four 3 Minute rounds of high intensity heavy bag work
  • Two 3 Minute rounds of shadow boxing, working on your mistakes
  • The Ton-Up Conditioning Program

Find a Mentor To Model

  • Buying the equipment easy
  • Following a workout easy
  • Following a workout and executing the correct technique
  • Can be DIFFICULT
  • This is why we recommend you find a mentor to model
  • If working out at home

You can take the time yourself to work on YOU.

You have to be disciplined mind, but you can take the time when nobody is watching to just work ON YOURSELF!

Condition the right muscle memory, practice over and over until you get it right. It takes patience, a lot of sweat and discipline, but there is nothing more rewarding when you can string together six or seven rounds on the heavy bag, throwing different combinations and moving around with ease.