Joining a Triathlon

To start joining triathlons right, look for a supportive triathlon club or group. Such clubs can offer not only support but also training and preparatory races to help hone your skills for more intense races. These clubs can teach participants about the methods of racing and the equipment needed for your training.


A triathlete must know how to swim first before joining any race. It is important that you know the proper techniques on how to swim fast while ensuring that you can still finish the race. Quick adaptive skills when it comes to swimming are also necessary. For instance, you should learn how to swim across the open waters because this situation would require for you to spot buoys that can lead you to the right course. Goggles and swim caps for participants with long hair are necessary.

Wet suits can be worn to protect you from the cold waters. However, the race organizers usually ban these suits if the water is warm to avoid overheating.


For beginners, regular road bikes can be used. Just ensure that every part is working well and you can stay seated on the bike for a long period of time. You don’t need a specialized bike right away if you are still just starting out. All you need to do is check that the chain works well and is properly oiled, the tires are inflated and capable to lift your weight, and the brakes and gears are running smoothly. You don’t have to invest in a $5,000-bike while still training.

To prepare for biking, you also need to wear comfortable clothing and helmet. You must wear a helmet, whether you are a beginner or a pro. Anyone should have the right protective gear in place. There are also running shoes that were made for biking because they can hold on better to the bike pedals, giving your biking more power and stability.


This is purposefully placed at the end of the race because even if you are already tired after the first two parts of the race, you have a lower risk of sustaining life threatening injuries on the run. Running is less risky than swimming and biking. If you are fatigued, you would not be exposed to the risk of falling head-first from the bike or drowning when swimming.

Your running shoes should be comfortable, designed with your preferences, and can be used regardless of the weather condition and road situation. Break into them first before using them to run over long distances.

Triathlon Training

The triathlon clubs can offer training sessions with fellow members. You have to train for swimming, biking and running regularly. Dedicated training can help increase your endurance and speed.