Knock Someone Out With A Single Punch

Some great tips to remember when throwing a knockout punch are using your weight, throwing the punch, and the wet towel snap. A brief description of each follows. Using your weight to throw a punch, the best way to describe this method is to simply go up to a heavy object and try to push it with your hands. You will notice that fairly easily you will not be able to push this object without taking a step back for extra support (weight) to help you move to object. The same holds true for a punch. One can simply stand with feet together and just throw a punch which may be mildly effective or they can choose to take a step back and throw the punch and put more power into it. This would be using your weight. Remember to throw through your opponent!

Throwing a punch instead of slightly making contact involves having the proper stance. As discussed in other articles, one’s stance is extremely important. You need to be stable and be just the perfect distance from your target. This allows you to actually swivel your entire body and land the punch at full extension. This is called throwing a punch. Of course from this position you are set up properly for jabs and blocking as well, while maintaining the upper hand during the course of the match.

Some may be questioning the wet towel snap. Do you know how to snap a wet towel? The towel is spun up and heavier than normal due to its wetness, and thrust forward. Right before it hits its target it is snapped back which in turn makes sharp, heavy and precise impact before being retracted. This is the same with throwing a punch; the weight of the body helps one build up momentum. Actually throwing the punch would be like thrusting the towel forward and then snapping back quickly, this is like leaving your mark and then you are done!