Playing Tennis in the Heat

  1. Hydration – The human body use fluids within to get rid of extra heat. When the external temperature rises, the body reacts to the changing status quo through perspiration and other means. However, if the body is under intense physical pressure and exposed to very hot conditions, the chances of getting dehydrated becomes a high probability. This in turn increases the possibilities of experiencing heat cramps, heat stroke and exhaustion which will lead to nausea, vomiting, paleness and dizziness. Furthermore, people who suffers from heat stroke are likely to become unconscious, delirious and even experience seizures.┬áNaturally, the need to hydrate is of utmost necessity. However, the question is what and how much of drinking fluids are required. Drinking a gallon of water prior to the day of playing is a good and viable suggestion, or the player may find himself in a position where he has to run into the washroom during the matches to relieve himself, now and then. However, it must be remembered that certain sports drink are added to the water so that one does not flush their own bodily electrolytes. Another thing to be kept in mind is to drink steady amounts during the 90-seconds changeovers.
  2. Clothing – Clothes and the fabrics with which the outfits are made of is another very important factor that will help handle the pressure of playing in the heat. For many, cotton seems a good option for wearing, however, cotton fabrics pose a problem if one is indulging in a play where sweats literally drench your whole body. The reason is that though cotton t-shirt is cool and relaxing, it absorbs a lot of sweat and becomes heavy in the process. This could be a potential problem in playing tennis where every little issue counts, and must be avoided. Also, bright colours are better choices for uniforms in place of dark colours.
  3. Keep hands and grip dry – Holding a sweat soaked grip is a highly challenging task while trying to keep the hands dry. To avoid your grip from getting soggy, the solution is to wear extra wristbands as it will stop the sweat from dripping down from the arm, and also to have dry towels. Another resort is drying the palms on the bottom of one’s shoes.
  4. Shade – Wearing a hat is a good idea to shield away from the blazing sun rays and hot conditions. Also, players must make the most of the 90-seconds break during changeovers by getting away from direct exposure of the sun for at least a while. All tournaments do offer umbrellas for the player but it there is none, at least put a towel over your head by yourself or try to sit at a corner of the court where there is shade.
  5. Miscellaneous – Though players hardly use sunglasses while playing, there is no harm in wearing one. This will protect your eyes from the intense light and heat, and help maintain your eye health in the long run. Another idea, is to keep extra clothes and socks by your side while playing. This is so because the chances of getting drenched is almost a surety, and one cannot go on playing all wet.