Reduce Golf Scores Quick

The short game of golf consists of a significant portion of your scores in most cases more than 60 percent of your total score in a conventional round of golf will consists of shots inside on 150 yards. Spend as much time as you can on the range working on wedge shots from inside of 150 yards. In order to master distance control it requires regular practice and there is really no other shortcut. The touch around the greens with pitching and chipping will only get better with regular practice so be sure to take the time around the greens before each round on the practice greens. Putting is a key aspect to golf and in order to become a good putter you need to learn to pick one main putting style and putter and then to stay with that approach. When it comes to putting you need to learn to make sure to see that ball go in the hole from every distance whether it is a short putt or a very long one.

Being too aggressive on the course is one of the most common mistakes that golfers make that are trying to lower their scores. Simply picking more conservative targets that are far enough away from hazards can make a big difference since your misses will cost you less strokes. It is also important to manage your emotions well on the course before and after each shot. If you make a bad shot then try to learn whatever you can from it and then forget it and believe the next shot will go to your target. When you step up to any shot you must believe the ball will go to the target otherwise you need to step away from the shot if you get distracted and start your routine over again.