Start a Bowling League

The Fundamentals

First of all, you will need to do some brainstorming to figure out how many members your league will need, which bowling alley you will go to, how many weeks your league will go on for, which day or days of the week you will bowl and how much you should charge for league fees. Before you try to start finding members, you should contact your local bowling alley and ask how many people they can accommodate and if there are any limitations to scheduling. You will also need to ask how much it will cost for your league to bowl in their facility. Once you know this information, you begin the process of assembling members.

Getting The Word Out

There are a few ways to find suitable individuals to join your league and become members. One way is to simply ask friends, family members and your fellow bowlers if they are interested. You can also create a sign up sheet and post it at your local bowling alley. Just leave your phone number or email address so that people can contact you. Besides this, you can post online on websites like Facebook and Craigslist. After you find some people who are interested, you should record each person’s name and contact information.

Meet Up

When you’re ready to begin, you should meet up with everyone who is interested to discuss the details. This will be the time to go over scheduling, collect fees and make sure that everyone has the necessary equipment like bowling shoes, bowling balls, bowling bags, etc. During this time, everyone can get acquainted with one another and you can get organized. It’s also the perfect time to answer any questions that your members have. You will also need to break members into different teams and may want to appoint certain individuals as team captains.


Once everyone is on the same page, you will need to create a schedule for your league. For example, you may decide to meet up at 7 pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays every week for 2 months. When your schedule is completed, you will need to either print out multiple copies or email them to each member. This is the final step and once it’s completed you should be ready to go and you can begin bowling. Just make sure that everyone either has their own gear or they are prepared to rent it.