Vintage Bicycles

Having done more research, I have found that the world of classic bicycles (or ‘velocipedes’ or ‘boneshakers’ as they used, wonderfully, to be called) is every bit as intriguing and surprising as this old photo had led me to suspect. From rickety old wooden bikes to classic mountain bikes, there is so much to discover in the vintage bicycle world.

Let’s take mountain bikes as a quick case study. The sport of mountain biking began in the 1970s, and racers quickly began searching for the best model of bicycle: one that would take them faster and faster over rough and challenging terrain, turn on a penny, and protect them from gallons of splattering mud. When you delve into the array of vintage mountain bikes, it’s easy to get very excited. Owning the first mountain bike model with suspension, or with 10 gears as opposed to two, really would be something! Nowadays, vintage mountain bikes make string and reliable everyday cycles.

Vintage bicycles are also something of a style statement. The retro look is well and truly right on trend when it comes to clothing. Quiffs, polka dot dresses, and cardies for girls, for example, are great ways of creating an authentic 60s high school sweetheart look. A vintage bicycle from this era, with a spacious wicker basket on the front of course, will complete this look to perfection!

There is something so elegant about vintage bicycles. The expert craftsmanship that has gone into them has ensured that they will stand the test of time. Whether you are looking for a sturdy and unique new velocipede (sorry, I just love using that word!) to get you from A to B, or something special as a collector’s item, there is no denying that old bicycles can be exquisite aesthetic objects in their own right.