The Benefits of One-on-One Training in Football

Practice certainly makes perfect, but there can be more to football practice than just team training and match practice. One-on-one football training can also complement team training and can be beneficial for a football player’s development. In team training, players are, exactly as the name suggests, part of a team and therefore can get lost amongst the crowd, which can leave gaps in development. One-on-one football training can be useful in several areas for players of all abilities.

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Introduction to Football

For players just starting out, team training and practice matches can be overwhelming. One-on-one training at this stage can really help players to get to grips with skills so they are more confident when practising and playing with the team.

Mastering and Refining Skills

In a one-on-one setting, players are really able to concentrate on mastering skills and techniques. Practising techniques with football training drill videos can offer the chance to master and refine skills without the defensive pressure of match practice. The core skills and basic techniques outlined by FIFA such as ball control and first touch are all skills that players should spend some time on during one-on-one training to refine them before adding them into team training.

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Individually Tailored Training

During team training, the focus is on the team as a whole, and sometimes attention can be more on winning a game than on long-term player development. Time constraints mean that team coaches simply cannot always take the time to focus on each player’s individual needs. One-on-one coaching is very effective in this area, as players are able to focus on their own strengths and weaknesses.

Build Confidence

The confidence that can come from the positive environment of one-on-one training can really boost a player’s development. All-round confidence on the pitch can be built through team training and one-on-one training. Various football training drill videos are available at Sportplan which are useful for players to build confidence in their abilities and transfer these skills on to the pitch for match play.

Advanced-Level Players

Players at an advanced level can really gain an advantage from one-on-one training which targets specific areas of their game, so they are constantly challenged, and their skills are advanced.