Triathlon Bikes

At first triathletes were not convinced by specialist bikes for their sport when they first arrived on the scene some 20 years ago but now that they have had time to try them out they are almost universally accepted across the sport. The main part of the triathlon bike that benefits a rider are the aerobars that are unique to this type of bike. Aerobars have the appearance of the horns found on a bull and give ideal support to the riders arms and elbows which are usually tired from swimming or will be used extensively in the swimming stage. Many good bikes of this kind have the gear shifters at the end of the aerobars meaning they can change gears without moving their arms.

Due to the increased popularity of this type of bike there are now many big names making them. Using the latest technology and designs, the current triathlon bikes offer their riders the most aerodynamic ride possible. To make their bikes even more wind-resistant brands like Specialized, Trek and Giant have begun using special handlebar attachments on their bikes. Some other companies that have been around for a long time and make great triathlon bikes are Trinity, Shiv and Speed Concept and their bikes have taken the designs to a whole new level.

Bikes from these companies are some of the most aerodynamic bikes out there thanks to their use of aerobars and special materials giving them a low drag coefficience. Featuring not just great looks, these triathlon bikes have the latest up to the minute designs and use of modern technology to give you a perfect ride every time. When it comes to picking a bike of this kind there are many options to choose from. When picking a bike you need to choose one from a good, well respected brand and is one that meets your requirements. Once your choice has been made and your bike has arrived you will now be ready to go out there and win some triathlons!