Types of Badminton Shuttlecocks

Different types of badminton birdies used are:

Goose feather type
Duck feather type
Plastic type
Synthetic type

Feathers are embedded one on top of the other in a conical shape. It is shaped this way so that it achieves aerodynamic stability. The cocks fly unlike the other racquet balls. When the birdies or shuttle cock hits the badminton bat the birdie flies at ease. Earlier ones were highly brittle and would break easily of late there are synthetic cocks designed to overcome this draw back. However, the flight of the feather birdies is better as they fly faster and a player has more control over the birdie. It does not cause any shoulder impact unlike the synthetic or plastic ones which may cause injury.

In order to improve up on the quality of these sports accessory, manufacturers often collect feedback on its performance. Based on this feedback they endeavour to make it better. Duck feather type is of a good quality and offers better flight and control of the birdies. Badminton players enjoy playing with them as it moves to and fro with ease.

While feather badminton cocks need to be replaced more frequently. They are light weight and their strings loose open when played at a speed of 320km/h or more. Although plastic cocks travel slowly as they are slightly heavy they don’t break that easily. They begin slowly and gather pace towards the end of their flight.