Will Take Your Game To The Next Level

Be A Team Player

Don’t force bad shots, instead, let the game come to you. You have teammates for a reason, so use them. If you can’t create a play for yourself, then create a play for your teammates. It’s not about how many points you can score, it’s about how many good plays you can make for yourself and your teammates.

Play help defense when your teammates get beat to the basket. There will be times when your teammates will get beat on the defensive end and it is up to you to help them out when the offensive player comes your way. Sometimes you will have to leave your matchup behind the three point line to prevent another offensive player from getting an easy bucket in the paint.

Go Hard In The Paint

When you get in the lane finish strong with contact. If you go up soft, you’re either going to get your shot blocked, or you will probably just end up missing the shot completely.

You can learn what it looks like to go hard in the pain by watching the pros. Watch players like Derrick Rose, Carmelo Anthony, and Dwayne Wade, to get a visual of what it looks like to go hard in the paint.

Practice Like Your Life Depends On It

Practice like you’re playing in the finals of a championship game. If you practice with a lack of effort, it will show in the games. You need to train your mind and your body to play at a high level at all times.

If you don’t practice at a high level you won’t be able to up your game at will when you need it, because you won’t be confident in your abilities. You need to test out your capabilities and get comfortable with your game in practice, so that when you step on the court, you will be able to perform with an effortless confidence.

Be Competitive

Don’t let anybody out-hustle you on the court. Believe that you’re the best player on the court, and prove it to every witness. Always play to win, even if your team is down 30 points.

Be The Guy That Nobody Wants To Guard

Do you know that player that nobody wants to guard? You know, that guy that will cross you up, shoot in your face, and score the basket at will?

Be that guy.

Make smart plays, be aggressive, hustle on defense, and give it your all every time you step on the court.