Winter Triathlon Training

Low Profile Training

Since the winters are definitely going to be cold, your body would end up losing a lot of heat and hence you would need to burn a lot of energy. Therefore, when you exercise during this season you need to make sure that you stay within your comfort levels. If possible keep a heart rate monitor so as to track your heart beats.

It’s not the time for something new

Winter training isn’t the right time to try out something new. Instead you should work on your existing skills and brush them up so that you become the best in that particular event. But, trying out new skills won’t be all that bad either.

What about running?

Running is a part of the triathlon events; but, running isn’t something that you should train during this session. Instead of running at your fastest you should instead just jog for long distances and build up on your stamina. This would help you out when it comes to running in the actual event.


Is biking a part of your triathlon event as well? If that’s the case the first thing that you need to do is get yourself a good bike with tyres that don’t slide on frost.

What about a coach

Of course you could plan your entire training session on your own but, wouldn’t it be a lot easier if you could hire a professional to take care of the training and ensure that you actually follow it?

Hiring a coach isn’t something that everyone would prefer. But, that’s definitely something that you need to consider as you would be able to work a lot easier if you do that. But, if you’re not keen on going pro, don’t bother with a coach.